The Value of a Kinetico Water System

The Value of a Kinetico Water System

Quality Water Northwest is proud to exclusively sell Kinetico water systems.

Why? Because Kinetico has proven itself time and again to be the highest quality brand on the market.  In terms of amount of hardness removed per pound of salt utilized, Kinetico produces the most efficient water softeners  on the market.

Kinetico systems come with a 10 year warranty, so you know you’re getting a product that was built to last. On top of that, Quality Water Northwest is so confident in Kinetico products that we offer extended warranties for the majority of residential and commercial systems.

Kinetico has an impressive number of top-notch systems, so contact Quality Water Northwest to figure out which system is just right for you.

What makes Kinetico systems superior to other brands? Here’s what makes Kinetico water softeners stand out.

  • Most efficient system on the market, meaning most amount of hardness removed per pound of salt (the 650XP water softener is NSFNWQA certified as the most efficient system).
  • Uses minimal water to replenish what is lost in your softening system.
  • No electronic components (many electrical systems are only warrantied for one year).
  • Water is treated and turned soft before it interacts with the water softeners gears and pistons, saving them from unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Water is treated before it gets to the brine tank.
  • American made.
  • Each tank is refilled and backwashed with soft water.
  • City water applications come with a five-year Quality Water Northwest service warranty.
  • System comes with a manufacturer warranty of ten years, bumper to bumper, and Quality Water Northwest offers an additional eight-year warranty for city water applications. Water with high chlorine levels would require a dechlorinator.
  • No pressure loss beyond normal friction loss that would accompany any water system.

So, do you want one of these friendly systems to help you keep your home in excellent shape? Give Quality Water Northwest a call at 509-327-1433 to schedule a free consultation, including a water test!