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Now Hiring Water Treatment System Installers!

Hello loyal blog readers… Today, Quality Water Northwest is beginning a campaign to find our newest water treatment system installer. Do you love high quality water? Is proper hydration important to you? If you said yes, then congratulations! You might be right for a career with Quality Water Northwest. What we’re looking for: Someone with […]

Is Your Water Safe From Microscopic Invaders?

Most people don’t know what kinds of bacteria and parasites could be lurking in their water supply. Here are four of the most common harmful microscopic invaders that infect people’s water supply. Legionella Legionella is the bacteria responsible for Legionnaire’s disease, a sickness that primarily affects the lungs in a manner similar to the flu. […]

The Health Benefits of Clean Water

Have you found yourself questioning whether you really want to drink your water? Is staying hydrated a daily battle? Is there something about your tap water’s taste, smell, or mouth feel that makes it unattractive? Then you might need a Kinetico water filtration system, courtesy of Quality Water Northwest! We are happy to work with […]

The Value of a Kinetico Water System

Quality Water Northwest is proud to exclusively sell Kinetico water systems. Why? Because Kinetico has proven itself time and again to be the highest quality brand on the market.  In terms of amount of hardness removed per pound of salt utilized, Kinetico produces the most efficient water softeners  on the market. Kinetico systems come with […]

A little bit more about water filtration systems

For many centuries, carbon water filters have been utilized for water purification and these have become the standard for providing fresh, safe and better-tasting water for drinking and cooking. At present, it is common to see commercial water filtration systems just about anywhere such as restaurant kitchens, hotels, offices and industrial facilities, to name a […]