A little bit more about water filtration systems

A little bit more about water filtration systems

For many centuries, carbon water filters have been utilized for water purification and these have become the standard for providing fresh, safe and better-tasting water for drinking and cooking. At present, it is common to see commercial water filtration systems just about anywhere such as restaurant kitchens, hotels, offices and industrial facilities, to name a few.

Most people can certainly can tell the difference of how filtered water looks and tastes from unfiltered water but some still wonder how a water filtration system works. The following will make them learn more about carbon water filtration as well as the disinfection process being used in the leading water filtration systems.

How Activated Carbon Works

To learn more about how water filters work, it is vital to know how activated charcoal or carbon takes away contaminants from tap water. It is typical for commercial water filtration systems to use activated carbon since this can come up with water that is safest, cleanest and best-tasting to drink and use in cooking.

In essence, activated carbon is oxygen-treated charcoal. When oxygen activates the carbon, it opens the pores between the carbon atoms that have the ability to absorb toxic, odorous substances from liquid and gas. Therefore, once chemical and contaminants found in tap water flow through a carbon water filter, the pores between carbon atoms trap the toxic substances instantly at the carbon’s surface. This process produces an outcome of clean, good-tasting water.

Water Filtration

The top-of-the-line commercial water filters use a  process that starts with tap water filtration. Upon installation of a commercial water filter, tap water will flow through 2 high-grade carbon filters that will catch contaminants, plus other unnecessary particles while allowing water to flow through. Such filtration process gets rid of toxic chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides and contaminants such as heavy metals, sediments, dirt and rust.

Water Disinfection

Some may think that the wonders of commercial water filtration system end with the carbon filtering process. Certainly not! The water is disinfected. Tap water still goes through a NanoCeram filter. This is the only technology of its kind in the world to provide total irradiation, enabling Nature’s water filters to decrease the count of bacteria and virus to nearly zero, getting rid of E. Coli and coliform bacteria, known to pose a risk to pregnant women and small kids. Disinfecting water can likewise prevent digestive and gastrointestinal diseases brought about by consuming untreated tap water.

Water Refrigeration

The refrigeration process is the last step of water filtration. The best commercial water filtration systems come with a stainless-steel water refrigeration element that provides continuous pure and cool water to satisfy consumers. Stainless steel provides maximum hygiene in order to serve water that is cleanest, freshest as well as best-tasting.

No matter what the purpose of installing a commercial water filtration system, to supply clean drinking water for office personnel, create mouth-watering craft cocktails at a hotel bar or improve the flavors of menu at a restaurant, there is one among the several water filtration systems to address this particular need.

Water Treatment – What’s in It for You?

Water Treatment – What’s in It for You?

Thanks to the advancement of technology, there is now a wide range of water treatment solutions that can be used for households, industries and facilities.

Most people may not be aware of the very important advantages given by water filtration. Some benefits of treatment solutions (such as an arsenic treatment system) are as follows:

Improvement of Quality

There is a big improvement in the quality of water treated by an efficient arsenic filtration system. Groundwater contains a lot of toxic substances, and arsenic is among the most common that are found in it.

When people do not filter the water they drink, or use for cooking and watering food crops, they swallow this contaminant. They need in-depth filtration to achieve good health and well-being.

Eradication of Impurities

Arsenic biological filtration can get rid of contaminants, particularly those found on old water pipes that have rust, soil sediments and other impurities. An efficient treatment system eliminates such pollutants by going through different stages to make sure that there is potable water all the time.

Long-Term Cost-Savings

Households and businesses using water to process and operate can save lots of money in the long run. It can cost a lot to set up a filtration system, but the initial costs are negligible compared to the money saved when using the system for a long period of time.

In addition, a number of companies also offer to test water, wherein a water sample can be tested and returned thereafter.

The top arsenic removal system can enable a well to function efficiently for a long time – which leads to remarkable savings.

Environmental Friendly

A water treatment system reduces the need to buy and get rid of plastic water containers. When people drink from their clean water supply, they could save more water – since they will only get the amount they need from the tap.

Drinking from a water bottle not only lets them spend more for each container that they buy, but also lets them waste water every time the container is not emptied.

No Water Shortage

There is no need to worry when it comes to water shortage, unless of course, the water in the well has dried out. Water interruption can be caused by situations like an earthquake, flooding and frozen pipes.

With a water filtration system,, the water pressure will never be erratic, nor need maintenance – since there will be continuous clean water supply.

No Water Loss At The Time Of A Crisis

The public water system can be forced to shut down for a period of time due to harsh natural disasters and periodic maintenance. This would never happen with those who have their own advanced water treatment system.

Improvement Of Taste And Clarity Of Water

Water Filtration and arsenic treatment systems improve the taste and appearance of water. They also take away the aftertaste caused by the various chemicals used for treating the water. The best way to treat water is with the help of the right chemical solutions, as well as equipment.

The above mentioned are only a number of the advantages given by using an advanced water treatment solution for the household or office. Therefore, for the safety and welfare of family, personnel and tenants, it is best to set up the right system for the house/facility.

Most of the contaminants, when swallowed over a period of time, can trigger serious illness, such as cancer and renal failure. Using a water filtration system can minimize such risks.

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What Are the Dangers Hidden in Contaminated Water?

What Are the Dangers Hidden in Contaminated Water?

It is normal for tap and bottled water, among other types of drinking water, to contain some amount of contaminants. In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has set strict standards for around 90 various types of contaminants that can be present in drinking water. This page has a compilation of the most common water pollutants, which have been categorized below to give a more detailed information on some particular contaminants and how they affect your health.


E coli and Fecal Coliform

When E coli and Fecal Coliform bacteria are present in water, this is an indication that water may contain human/animal wastes that make it contaminated. Microbes in such wastes can cause cramps, diarrhea, headaches, nausea or other short-term symptoms.


The parasite known as cryptosporidium gains access to lakes and rivers by means of sewage and animal wastes. This microbe comes with an outer shell that lets it live outside the body for a long time, letting it tolerate most chlorine disinfectants. It causes a mild gastrointestinal disease called cryptosporidiosis. The disease can become severe or even fatal, though, for those who have very weak immune systems. Both EPA and CDC have an advice regarding Cryptosporidium for people who have compromised immune systems.

Giardia Lamblia

Giardia lamblia, like cryptosporidium, is a parasite that enters lakes and rivers by way of sewage and animal wastes. It causes gastrointestinal illnesses such as cramps, diarrhea and vomiting. It can also survive for a long time outside the body. It is hard to treat using basic chlorine disinfectants.

Coliform Bacteria

Though coliform bacteria are widespread in the environment, they are usually not harmful. However, their presence in drinking water is often caused by problems with the water distributing pipes or treatment system. This shows that water might be contaminated with disease causing germs.


Turbidity does not affect health in any way. It can interfere with disinfection, though, since the particles can work as protection for bacteria and virus, providing a medium for microbes to grow. Turbidity may show the presence of organisms that cause diseases. These include bacteria, parasites and viruses that can bring about symptoms like cramps, diarrhea, nausea and headaches.


Apha emitters

Some minerals are radioactive and could emit some form of radiation called alpha radiation. People who drink water that contains alpha emitters exceeding EPA’s standard for several years are more prone to acquiring cancer.

Beta/photon emitters

Some minerals that are radioactive emit some forms of radiation referred to as photons and beta radiation. When people drink water that contains beta and photon emitters beyond EPA’s standard for several years, they become more prone to getting cancer.

Combined Radium 226/228

The acceptable amount of radium in drinking water is extremely small. People that drink water that contains radium 226/228 more than EPA’s standard for so many years have a higher risk of acquiring cancer.

When radon gas dissolves, it can build up in underground water sources like wells, as well as the air inside your home. Breathing this gas can bring about lung cancer. You are more prone to developing cancer when you drink water that contains radon. Air borne radon is more harmful than radon in water.

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This Is Why Everyone Should Invest in Treating their Water

This Is Why Everyone Should Invest in Treating their Water

Water that is clean and suitable for drinking is essential to life. A purification system provides several benefits. It is recommended by the US Center for Disease Control to drink a minimum of 64 oz of H20 daily because of the several benefits to health. The four most important reasons to consider drinking purified water are as follows:

Minimizes Disposal of Plastic

Buying bottled water instead of drinking from the tap contributes to pollution – since disposing plastic bottles fill up the landfills. The plastic that holds it is not healthy for the planet or those who drink from it. Most of them consists of BPA, which goes into the water that people drink.

As a solution, a treatment system provides clean, potable water right from the tap.

Makes Appliances Last Longer

Appliances can also benefit from high quality water. Softened water will prolong the efficiency of appliances, which will save on costs in the long run. There will be less need for soap and detergent to clean appliances and make them last longer. Using cold water to wash dishes and clothes will not interfere with their performance.

According to researchers, when laundry machines and dishwashers were tested to run for 240 cycles, washers using treated water had almost no scale buildup, while those with untreated variety needed scale removal so they could work properly.

When it comes to water heaters, researchers discovered that the heater remained to be efficient until 15 years when using treated water. On the other hand, running untreated water cuts the efficiency of the heater by up to half because of the buildup of scale.

Essential to Health

There is a clear connection between water and health. Based on CDC reports, a number of the leading causes of outbreaks are being linked to the water that affected the people drinking it.

Water that contains organic and inorganic matter can also cause serious health complications. Studies further reveal that high content of lead in drinking water have been linked with children’s learning disabilities, delays in development, and ADD.

Protects From Harmful Organisms

According to the Environmental Protection Agency reports, 90% of the water supply worldwide is not suitable for drinking unless properly treated.

More often than not, untreated water has micro-organisms that could cause vomiting and diarrhoea, among other illnesses. Thanks to advanced water purification systems, such microorganisms can be eradicated to make the water safe to drink.

Installing a water treatment system at home is the easiest way to access clean water, which is critical to every individual’s health. Not only is it the fast and easiest way to let a family stay healthy, but also the cheapest.

Aside from purifying drinking water, treating household water will help lengthen the life of water-using appliances. It may be expensive to install a water purification system, but has more advantages to the health of a family, as well as being more cost-efficient in the long run.

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Don’t Buy Water Softeners Online

Don’t Buy Water Softeners Online

Hey, who doesn’t love online shopping? It’s fun, it’s cheap, and there’s no obnoxious clerks asking you if you’re finding everything okay. Plus, with sights like Amazon, you only have to wait a couple days to get what you want! Appealing as these benefits are, there are several downsides to doing your purchasing online. The sweater doesn’t quite fit, or the new toy isn’t really the color you thought, or the fabric isn’t as tough as advertised.

Most of the time, a small discrepancy between what you think you’re getting and what you’re actually getting is no big deal. However, when it comes to water treatment, you’re better off going local and getting guaranteed results.

There’re two primary problems with buying water treatment equipment online. First, not all homes require the same kinds of treatment systems. To know what is right for your home, you need to have a water chemistry test performed, which can only be done in person with water from your home. Some online companies try to sell their equipment with the idea that it will work for any home no matter the water conditions. Second, when you purchase from an online vendor, there’s no one who will install your water treatment system for you, which requires a lot of specialized knowledge.

Don’t risk getting a faulty or under-performing system. Trust the professionals, who will test your water for free, and install the exact right treatment system for you and your home.