A little bit more about water filtration systems

A little bit more about water filtration systems

For many centuries, carbon water filters have been utilized for water purification and these have become the standard for providing fresh, safe and better-tasting water for drinking and cooking. At present, it is common to see commercial water filtration systems just about anywhere such as restaurant kitchens, hotels, offices and industrial facilities, to name a few.

Most people can certainly can tell the difference of how filtered water looks and tastes from unfiltered water but some still wonder how a water filtration system works. The following will make them learn more about carbon water filtration as well as the disinfection process being used in the leading water filtration systems.

How Activated Carbon Works

To learn more about how water filters work, it is vital to know how activated charcoal or carbon takes away contaminants from tap water. It is typical for commercial water filtration systems to use activated carbon since this can come up with water that is safest, cleanest and best-tasting to drink and use in cooking.

In essence, activated carbon is oxygen-treated charcoal. When oxygen activates the carbon, it opens the pores between the carbon atoms that have the ability to absorb toxic, odorous substances from liquid and gas. Therefore, once chemical and contaminants found in tap water flow through a carbon water filter, the pores between carbon atoms trap the toxic substances instantly at the carbon’s surface. This process produces an outcome of clean, good-tasting water.

Water Filtration

The top-of-the-line commercial water filters use a  process that starts with tap water filtration. Upon installation of a commercial water filter, tap water will flow through 2 high-grade carbon filters that will catch contaminants, plus other unnecessary particles while allowing water to flow through. Such filtration process gets rid of toxic chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides and contaminants such as heavy metals, sediments, dirt and rust.

Water Disinfection

Some may think that the wonders of commercial water filtration system end with the carbon filtering process. Certainly not! The water is disinfected. Tap water still goes through a NanoCeram filter. This is the only technology of its kind in the world to provide total irradiation, enabling Nature’s water filters to decrease the count of bacteria and virus to nearly zero, getting rid of E. Coli and coliform bacteria, known to pose a risk to pregnant women and small kids. Disinfecting water can likewise prevent digestive and gastrointestinal diseases brought about by consuming untreated tap water.

Water Refrigeration

The refrigeration process is the last step of water filtration. The best commercial water filtration systems come with a stainless-steel water refrigeration element that provides continuous pure and cool water to satisfy consumers. Stainless steel provides maximum hygiene in order to serve water that is cleanest, freshest as well as best-tasting.

No matter what the purpose of installing a commercial water filtration system, to supply clean drinking water for office personnel, create mouth-watering craft cocktails at a hotel bar or improve the flavors of menu at a restaurant, there is one among the several water filtration systems to address this particular need.