Where does uranium come from?

Uranium is naturally occurring and is found throughout the Northwest. It is a common element in the Earth’s crust that frequently finds its way into well water. Uranium is abundant enough in the Northwest that it has been commercially mined here in the past.

What are the health effects of uranium?

Information available to date suggests that uranium is not dangerous unless consumed orally in air, food, or water. When uranium is consumed, negative health issues range from kidney problems to respiratory dysfunction and adverse neurological effects.

It is my experience that uranium is one of the more troubling contaminants that makes its way into peoples’ water supplies, and every well should be tested for it.

We also recommend doing your own research on potential health effects of uranium and any consumable contamination.

Treatment methods

  • Whole-house ion exchange using anion resin is the most common treatment for homes with high water consumption and higher levels of uranium.
  • Whole-house adsorptive media can also be used in homes with lower water consumption and low uranium concentration.
  • Point of use Reverse Osmosis for drinking and cooking water. Kinetico RO systems will reduce levels of contaminates to well below the MCL and, in most cases, leaves contaminates undetectable. An RO faucet is added to the kitchen sink and the refrigerator, when applicable.