Lead Mitigation

Where does lead come from?

Lead is seldom found in ground water in levels more than trace quantities. However, it poses a risk when found, particularly to pregnant women. Most well water with high levels of lead occurs due to man-made intrusions. The other common source is old infrastructure, such as lead pipes.

What are the health effects of lead?

Children are more at risk than adults for the adverse health effects of lead, including impaired hearing, impaired cognitive functioning, and lack of growth. Damage to peoples’ brain, kidneys, and bone marrow are also known to occur.

Treatment methods

There are two industry-standard lead mitigation systems that are used for residential application in homes with lead particulate.

  • Whole-house lead mitigation with a specifically designed carbon system that uses adsorptive principals to reduce lead in the water coming into your home.
  • Point-of-use Reverse Osmosis for drinking and cooking water. Kinetico RO systems will reduce levels of contaminants to well below the MCL and, in most cases, leaves contaminaants undetectable. An RO faucet is added to the kitchen sink and the refrigerator, when applicable.