Arsenic Mitigation

Arsenic comes in two forms, 3 & 5. Determining the arsenic species is important for deciding the most effective and economical way to remove arsenic. Arsenic 3 can only be removed with a whole-house system and not by reverse osmosis.

Where does arsenic come from?

In nature, arsenic exists primarily in natural deposits in the Earth’s crust. Arsenic enters groundwater through erosion. Well water arsenic contamination can also occur through man-made products such as pesticides, animal feed, etc.

What are the health effects of arsenic?

Arsenic can cause serious skin problems and can be an endocrine disruptor. Arsenic has also been known to cause skin, bladder, liver, prostate, and kidney cancer. Additionally, it can be harmful to the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Treatment methods

Arsenic 3 and 5 can be removed with a system that uses absorptive media to treat the whole house. Arsenic 5 can be removed with absorptive media, ion exchange, and/or reverse osmosis.