City Water

Municipal water suppliers are required to provide clear, bacteria-free water with levels of elements, heavy metals, and nitrates considered healthy by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). However, there still may be heavy metals and naturally occurring contaminants in your tap water below the MCL (Maximum Contaminant Levels). The quality of your water can be improved by installing equipment that will greatly reduce the negative impacts that hard water and aging infrastructure may cause in your home and family. Schedule a free, no-commitment consultation and see how we can improve the quality, taste, and odor of your water.

Common concerns with city water

  • Chlorine that is needed to protect you from bacteria can be removed once the water has entered your home.
  • Allowable levels of contaminants that are below the MCL still having a negative impact on water quality.
  • Hard water causing destruction to pipes, appliances, laundry, and skin.

We can address these concerns and more with dechlorinators, water softeners, and a point-of-use reverse osmosis purifying system. We have a range of systems for you to consider when tackling these problems. We’ll gladly come to you to explain our systems and evaluate your needs at no cost.