My Story

Hi, I’m Bret Ovnicek, owner and CEO of Quality Water Northwest. I started working for Quality Water Northwest in a sales position, and often found myself discussing techniques for growing and improving the business with the owner at the time. When he decided to sell Quality Water Northwest, I immediately made a bid on the company I had grown to love, and I was honored to have the reins passed to me.

I grew up on a horse ranch in Montana, training horses with my dad. My father instilled the value of hard honest work in me as a young boy, and that value has been my driving motivator ever since. When I was in my youth, training horses was my passion. However, seeing the immense toll it took on my father’s health, and not liking the time it took away from my family, I realized I wanted a higher quality of life for me and my children. I made the tough decision to hang up my spurs and pursue a new career that would allow me to be passionate and achieve the satisfaction of helping people in a manner similar to my experience in the horse industry.

I bought Quality Water Northwest because it is a generational business that I will be able to pass on to my kids. Owning a business that serves individuals allows me the opportunity to meet and help any and all customers. I look forward to growing the trusted relationships I have forged with existing customers and to assisting the new customers to come.

Bret Ovnicek