Common Private Well Water Concerns

Private well issues can range from simple concerns like the presence of hard water to complex issues such as having two or three forms of iron to address. 

Here are some of the most common well water concerns, all of which we offer treatments for:      

  • Iron: causing staining and plugged pipes, along with damaging appliances, clothing, and hair.

  • Acidic water: causing corrosion to pipes and appliances.

  • Hard water: causing scale buildup on fixtures, hot water tanks, and appliances.

  • Hydrogen sulfur: causing a “rotten egg” smell.

  • Water contamination: causing health concerns arising from human-induced contaminates, or other naturally occurring elements.

  • Bacteria: arising from surface water, well water, or water collected in water reservoirs.

  • Tannins: tannins are decaying organic vegetation causing discolored and poor-tasting water.

  • Turbidity: caused by clay, dirt, sand, or silt.

No matter what contamination concerns you have, we will be happy to come out to test your water and determine the best course of action for your well. Because water can change seasonally or over time, we take a broad range of tests to ensure that the equipment being installed will adapt to changing well conditions.

We'll provide a free, no-hassle consultation on the quality of your well water and discuss the improvements that can be made.

If you would like to have your water tested for heavy metals or other contaminates a certified lab will need to do the testing, and we are happy to collect and drop off your well water to a certified lab for a small fee.