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What's in the water we drink?
Read this informative article, which mentions the Kinetico K5 Water Filtration Station, in the Washingtonian.
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The rumors about saltless systems

Read the facts - coming soon - Water Quality Assocation Consumer Alert

Studies Show Washing with Softened Water Can Significantly Cut Detergent Use, Energy Consumption

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Dr. Oz talks about the quality of america's water.

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Tap in to big savings by switching from bottled water

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Bottled Water VS Tap Water

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Kinetico Helps Consumers Protect Their Families from Chromium-6 in Tap Water   

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President's anti-cancer pancel recommends home filtered water

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Aresenic in North Idaho Well

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Water Facts


  • The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the U.S. drinking water infrastructure a grade of D- in 2009.
  • If you’re on city water, chances are your water will travel as much as three miles underground after it is tested to get to your home.
  • Nearly 45 million people in the United States have private wells. As the homeowner is responsible for the water's quality, the EPA recommends yearly testing to detect contamination problems.
  • The earth does not create new drinking water. What you drink today has been recycled over and over.
  • A recent report from President Obama’s Cancer Panel recommends installing in-home water filtration to reduce exposure to environmental elements that increase the risk of cancer.


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