What's in your water?

We will test your water for a variety of concerns, including soluble and dissolved solids that cause staining, damage your home, and cause bad taste and odor. These tests allow us to determine the equipment and methods that will bring long-lasting positive changes to your home, by ensuring your water stays at its highest quality for years to come.

The Earth's crust is made up of many elements that can make their way into the water supply. Common elements found in the Northwest include uranium, arsenic, and lead. Most wells do not contain these elements at levels that pose a health risk, but it is wise to rule them out by having a comprehensive water test done. If you get your water from a private well, or are building or buying a home with a private well, you should have a health and safety water test done by a certified, third party lab. We can help by collecting and dropping the samples off for you, or by simply advising you on tests you should consider based on our experience with well water in your area. For exact costs or questions, please contact us or a local water-testing lab.


We offer free water testing.