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Tired of lugging those bags of salt down in the basement or into the garage? Let Quality Water Northwest do all the work by delivering softener salt right to your door whether it is your residence or your place of business. We also fill the brine tank and test your water! Our premium Kinetico salt is one of the purest salts on the market with a rating of 99.6% pure.

What does this rating mean to you? The high rating means less impurities in your salt, therefore less impurities in your softener to clog things up. This means better overall performance and a resistance to service calls.


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Kinetico declorinator
Tasting too much chlorine?
A Kinetico declorinator effectively removes chlorine from your drinking water.

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Have uranium in
your well water?

We can help with a Kinetico
whole house filtration system.

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