PFOA & PFOS Mitigation

Where do perfluorinated chemicals (pfcs) come from?

PFOAs and PFOS are most commonly used in products utilized for stain resistance, along with fire fighting retardants and fire-resistant clothing. Parts of the Airway Heights community have been affected by these chemicals in part due to the use of fire retardants in the Airway Heights area.

What are the health affects of perfluorinated chemicals?

Results of long term exposure to perfluorinated chemicals are still poorly understood. However, cancer and birth defects have been associated with long term exposure.

We also always recommend doing your own research on potential health effects of perfluorinated chemicals and any consumable contamination.

Treatment methods

  • Whole house absorptive media using a specifically designed carbon system.

  • Point of use Reverse Osmosis for drinking and cooking water. Kinetico RO systems will reduce levels of contaminates to well below the MCL and, in most cases, leaves contaminates undetectable. An RO faucet is added to the kitchen sink and the refrigerator if applicable.