Commercial Water Filtration for Removing Chlorine and Sediment


HYDRUS Series Filtration

Powerful Filter, Powerful Controller

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Non-Electric Valve

The power of moving water means no motors are necessary—which means a longer product life.

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Single or Multi-tank

The exact system can be configured precisely for your needs, depending on peak flow rate, available space, and your particular water issues.

The entire system can be operated by a single controller.


Corrosion resistance

All Hydrus valves and tanks are built to resist corrosion, making them last longer, even in the most extreme environments. (1).png

Efficient & Effective

Make 30% less waste water and spend as much as 50% less compared to other products. Better for the environment, better for your business, and better for your wallet.


CP Series

Reliable, Efficient, and No Down-Time for Regeneration


Flexible operation

Switch between the Overdrive configuration (for maximum water flow) and the Alternating configuration (for maximum efficiency) as your needs change.

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Twin-Tank Design

Treated water will always be available, even while the system is regenerating.


Beverage & Commercial Dechlorination Systems

Simple and Effective


Chlorine-free water

The system provides chlorine-free water to every faucet in your business, while also protecting your commercial appliances from the harsh effects of chlorine.


Single-Tank Design

The single-tank dechlorinators are ideal for commercial kitchens with lower water flow demands.