Lake and Surface Water

Quality Water Northwest treats water for homes with sources ranging from rivers, lakes, and springs to filthy pond water you wouldn’t let your dog drink. Surface water problems range from simple concerns such as wondering if the water is safe to drink to complex issues such as proper filtration of contaminates.

Here are some of the most common surface water concerns, all of which we offer treatments for:

  • Acidic water
  • Poor smelling and tasting water
  • Water contamination ranging from exposure to runoff to naturally occurring contaminates
  • Bacteria
  • Tannins: tannins are decaying organic vegetation causing discolored and poor-tasting water
  • Turbidity: caused by clay, dirt, sand, or silt

No matter what contamination concerns you have, we will be happy to come out to test your water and determine the best course of action for your surface water.

Surface water systems consist of sediment filtration, carbon filtration, and UV light used in conjunction with a drinking water Reverse Osmosis system. Getting your water clear might be as simple as adding a cartridge filtration system or you may need an automatic mechanical filter, depending on the quality of your surface water. Quality Water Northwest provides surface water systems that will provide clean, safe water to you and your home.